“After going through two different cleaning services I finally found one that does a good job EVERY time they come out. Like they say “third times a charm!” I never leave reviews, but really amazed by the professionalism used by Cindy and her team.” -Ed L.

“We have found a cleaning service home! ….No complaints, couldn’t ask for better service or quality!” -Liz S.

“Great team. Been working with these guys for years. Flexible and trustworthy.” -Christopher J.

“The Clean Haven has the most impeccable, meticulously cleaning staff! I went through two other cleaning companies that were horrendous, but Clean Haven took such pride in their job. EVEN CLEANED MY BASEBOARDS with out having to ask! Love my Clean Haven crew!” -Katerri M.

“I would absolutely recommend The Clean Haven. Immediate response time, amazing customer service, very reasonable price, and trustworthy people.” -Kacie S.

“We have used The Clean Haven for two years plus and have been completed satisfied each and every time they have been to our home. They pay attention to detail in every room. I love the way our home looks when they are done. I recommend this service to anyone that needs a thorough house cleaning. Great people!” -Dennis J.

“We have been using this cleaning service since 2013 and have had a very positive experience. Previously, I had been through a couple of services and this has been my favorite. After a few companies with breakages and constant rescheduling, these ladies have been amazing. They are very thorough and also careful in my house. They are also extremely sweet and always kind when my kiddos are around.” -Alison J.

“We have been using The Clean Haven for over a year now and we are very impressed with the level of service and attention to detail. It’s a great feeling to find a company who treats your home as if it were their own and goes above and beyond with each cleaning. We highly recommend this company!” -Amy G.

“The Clean Haven did an outstanding job on my house. The price was fair and the quality was top notch. I would definitely recommend them to any person in need of cleaning services.” -Justin D.

“Wow. I was on the fence about hiring a maid service. I wasn’t raised in a home that had a maid or any hired help. For some reason it felt wrong or lazy of me to ever hire a service like this. I finally took the plunge when I just realized that I had too much going on and two big dogs really track in lots of grime and loose hair. Boy am I glad that I finally made the call. While I was at work, I kept the thought of my house being professionally cleaned in the back of my head. I couldn’t wait to come home to a clean house. Like I said before, I had never hired a pro cleaning service so I don’t know how they compare but The Clean Haven literally shocked me. The house was spotless. It was like I had grown numb to little scuffs on the wall and minor blemishes. I didn’t realize how dirty the house was until after I saw the results. Now, I want to state I am not a dirty person. It’s just that they clean that thoroughly. And it doesn’t stop there. Cindy followed up with me to see if I was satisfied, I walked through the house with her on the phone and praised her incredible work. I noticed a couple imperfections but I was not complaining at all. It was no big deal. But Cindy was not satisfied to hear that. She actually came back a couple days later and cleaned the house again. I am in awe of this company’s dedication. I will recommend them to anyone if I have the chance.” -Mason K.

Always an amazing job!” -Phillip R.