Apartment Cleanliness Inspection Checklist

When you’re moving into, leaving, renting out or just living in an apartment, cleanliness is important for many reasons. This checklist can help you determine if each room is truly clean:

Apartment Cleanliness Inspection Checklist

1. Inspect the windows and any curtains or blinds. The glass ought to be free of mold, spider webs and other grime.

2. Check the mirrors for water stains and residues. The mirror above a bathroom sink often needs more frequent cleaning than any other glass surface.

3. Switch on each ceiling light and look at its glass or plastic cover. It shouldn’t be full of dust and dead insects.

4. Closely examine the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Although some patterns and colors can hide such detritus, these surfaces easily accumulate crumbs, dust and toothpaste or food stains.

5. Inspect the apartment’s bathtub or shower for mold, soap residue and debris. Don’t overlook the shower curtain liner if it has one.

6. Look at the other water fixtures, such as sinks and toilets. Check for grime around the faucet base, knobs, water tank, seat, drains and basins.

7. Examine both the interior and exterior of every appliance. Make a note of any unpleasant smells. Check heating and cooling air filters as well.

8. Inspect the floors and carpets; a bright flashlight might help. The carpeting should be free of lint, hair, dirt and odors.

9. If the apartment includes any kind of furniture, make sure the upholstery is clean, unstained and free of pests. Wooden or metal surfaces ought to be dust-free.

10. Look at the inside of built-in cabinets. Check for dust, crumbs and the remnants of leaky food packages. Ensure that there aren’t any residues on the knobs or handles.

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