3 Times to Hire a One Time Cleaning Service

A one time cleaning service is different from scheduled maid services. In the later, a company comes out to your residence weekly, biweekly, or monthly to do regular cleaning. A one time cleaning service occurs only when you need it that once – or twice, if you choose to have the professional service done both before and after an event.

There are many times where it might be necessary to hire a one time professional cleaning service. While you could do the cleaning in the following three scenarios yourself, the hassle you save by hiring a professional to do it for you is well worth the investment. Your investment will also be gaining you the peace of mind of knowing the job was done right.

3 Times to Hire a One Time Cleaning Service

1. Before or After a Big Party

If you’re throwing a big party at your home, you’ll want the place looking it’s best for your many guests. Alternatively, those big parties make big messes and having someone to clean up afterward, when you’re already exhausted, can be a life-saver. Examples of big parties include birthdays, anniversaries, graduation celebrations, or a quinceanera.

2. Before Thanksgiving or Christmas

Are you hosting the big Thanksgiving meal or Christmas celebration this year? A one time cleaning before your family and friends begin to arrive will take some of the stress off of you… and allow you to put more focus into that delicious food you’ve been preparing for days.

3. When Moving In or Out of A Home

Moving is always a hassle, but a professional cleaning company can make things a lot easier. A one time cleaning can be done of your new home before you move in, so you’re ready to start unpacking right away. You can also get a one time cleaning of your old property after moving out, so you receive your deposit back.

For more information on one time cleaning services or to hire a one time cleaning service for your next big event, holiday, or move, contact us today.