Keep Your Stainless Steel Clean Despite a Messy Summer

Keep Your Stainless Steel Clean Despite a Messy SummerAh, summertime. The few precious months when your kids are home from school and are bored before breakfast. There are messes inside, messes outside and a revolving door in the kitchen where snacks and drinks are requested all day long. How can your kitchen survive these summer months?

The key to keeping your stainless steel appliances clean with lots of little messy hands around is more simplistic than you may think. Although there are various approaches and fancy cleaners out there, it actually only takes a few natural products to both clean your stainless and create a barrier of protection against future smudges. By mastering this trick, you can enjoy your sparkly appliances while your children can enjoy their fun-filled, messy summer break.

The only two ingredients you’ll need are vinegar and olive oil. Easy, right?! Simply grab these two items, which you likely already have in your cabinet, and a soft cloth, and you’re ready to go.

You will start the cleaning process by spraying your stainless down with vinegar to remove the fingerprints and smudges. Once you have cleaned with the vinegar and wiped dry with your cloth, pour a small amount of olive oil onto the soft cloth and apply to your surface. You’ll want to rub with the grain rather than against with both the vinegar and oil.

This process both cleans the current mess and helps polish the surface. This is a trick you’ll want to try! And, for further tips from our team of cleaning experts, visit our website today!