Say Goodbye to Dealing with Pesky Pet Hair

Say Goodbye to Dealing with Pesky Pet HairIs your house always falling short of that next level clean? Do you find enough time to manage the mess and keep the cobwebs at bay yet fail to ever really polish and shine like you would like? Our homes are, quite often, our proudest showpieces, yet we find ourselves making excuses for why we can’t invite our friends and family over to enjoy them. The problem becomes even greater if we own pets and have to deal with pesky pet hair issues on top of filthy floors and messy countertops.

At The Clean Haven, we know how important it is to enjoy the home in which you live and the pets that are always there to keep you company. It is a big job to stay on top of all of the cleaning details that must be maintained in a busy household, and we sometimes have to reach out for help with those details when we have run out of enough time and energy to handle it all ourselves. We work with families just like yours all over the metroplex area that vary in their need of cleaning services.

We come and perform a thorough, deep cleaning if you just need to jumpstart your cleaning process and eradicate all of the pet hair that has piled up on carpet, under the couch, on the staircase, and so forth. We also come on a continual basis for those that need a more constant hand at keeping the pet hair under control. Our general cleaning is done at the interval of your choosing, and we work with you to make our way in and out of your home with as little disturbance as possible to your animals.

We make a recommendation to new customers that they place their pets somewhere safe while we are working inside of the home. Oftentimes strange noises and behaviors make pets uneasy, and placing them outside, in a different room, or at a neighbor’s house allows us to work while leaving the pets without any worry about what’s going on. We make it easy for you to better enjoy having a pet in your home, and we know that saying goodbye to pesky pet hair will allow you willingly welcome guests at the drop of a hat!