The Benefits Of Different Home Cleaning Schedules

Keeping your home clean means different things to different families. Some places need constant monitoring because people are always home or are vulnerable to the problems a mess creates. Other homes are empty quite a bit and only need occasional cleaning. This is why, when you choose a maid service, you should consider the advantages of different types of home cleaning schedules. Consider the following:

The Benefits Of Different Home Cleaning Schedules


This is perfect for busy families with young children. Stains aren’t given a chance to get really ground-in, and high-traffic areas are kept presentable for surprise guests. You will have to arrange for a day when most people are out of the house and you will still want the occasional deep clean, but your home will always look presentable no matter how busy your home gets.


This schedule will keep the home nice for visitors to smaller households with older children or fewer pets. Fewer or older people who pick up after themselves leave less of a mess so high traffic areas are normally presentable, but there are plenty of areas that collect grime because few people are looking at it. With a bi-weekly maid service, there won’t be enough time between cleanings for problems such as mold to get out of control, and it will make sure that parts of the house that often get less attention will always be ready for guests.


Having your home cleaned once a month means that it is always ready by the holiday of the season. It’s easy to schedule, and it gives plenty of chances to catch major problems. A monthly maid service is great for people who spend a lot of time away from home as it will make sure you can be home when they arrive and that it will be clean in those times that you are staying in.

If your schedule is crazy and you need a maid service who can accommodate you, The Clean Haven has your back. Feel free to contact us for more information about home cleaning schedules.