3 “Paw-some” Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

When it comes to having a clean home, the chore list seems to never end, especially when you have pets. Aside from hiring a cleaning service, you can use these three cleaning tips to ensure your home is sparkling clean.

3 "Paw-some" Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Deodorize Carpet with White Vinegar

If your pet has left stains in your carpet, do not fret! Simply fill a spray bottle with white distilled vinegar. Before spraying the stain, test the vinegar on the carpet in an inconspicuous spot, in case it causes the colors to run. Once there is no color run, cover the stain evenly without soaking it and allow the spot to dry.

If your pet has had an accident and it is still wet, blot up as much of the urine as you can. Once you’ve done that, cover the spot with vinegar and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Blot the spot again until it is mostly dry. Sprinkle baking soda over the spot and vacuum the area in an hour. The baking soda helps absorb the odor.

Clean Pet Beds with Baking Soda

When it is time to wash your pet’s bed, add a little baking soda with it when you put the bed in the washing machine. Be sure to rinse it in hot water. The baking soda acts as a neutralizing agent against odors and is also an anti-bacterial agent.

(Extra Tip: Purchasing pet beds with removable covers make washing and cleaning easy.)

Prevent Dirt Build-Up on Floors

Pets, especially dogs, are notorious for tracking dirt and mud into the house when they come from outside. Place a towel and container of water by the door to clean their paws when they come inside.

You can also place floor mats at the door to train them to wait until they have their feet cleaned.

Even when you follow these simple steps, combating pet hair and dander can become overwhelming when life gets too busy. Whether it is just a few rooms or your entire house, you can contact us for all your cleaning needs.