Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Tips for Keeping a Clean HomeWaking up to a house that is cluttered and dirty can add stress to your day before its even begun. Following these tips will help you easily and quickly clean up so your house feels immaculate without doing much work.

1. Make your bed everyday. Making your bed does not take long. Get it done first thing in the morning so it is done for the day. This will make your room feel more put together, and it’s so inviting to climb into a made bed at the end of a long day.

2. Clear all surfaces of clutter. Cleaning your counter tops of the clutter before you go to bed will allow you to wake up to a fresh house.  Just take 5 minutes before bed to put everything back in its place.

3. Fluff pillows and fold throw blankets at the end of each day. Put all of the throw pillows and blankets back in place, giving the pillows a little fluff right before you head to bed. Now the room is fresh and ready for a new day.

4. Wipe down the bathroom counter everyday. Pick up dirty laundry, put away anything left out on the counter, and wipe down the sink and mirror.

Doing these things each day will cut down on your cleaning time.  If you do a little everyday, you won’t need to spend hours at a time getting the house put back together.

Give The Clean Haven a call.  We’d love to come clean your home!