3 Reasons to Put Maid Service on Your Self Care List

Maid service belongs on your self care list right along with mani pedis and scented candles. In fact, it may be one of the most effective things you can do for your mental and physical wellbeing. Take a look at 3 major reasons why professional home cleaning is so nurturing.

3 Reasons to Put Maid Service on Your Self Care List

Reduce stress and anxiety.

You can’t remove the stress from daily life, but you can develop strategies that help you to deal with it constructively. Maid service shortens your to do list, and gives you more leisure time to focus on the activities that you find meaningful and enriching. You feel less pressured and more fulfilled. Regularly scheduled housecleaning may also encourage you to limit clutter and do more entertaining because your home looks so beautiful. Your peace of mind increases as you enjoy your orderly environment and spend more time with friends.

Fight infections and allergies.

Thorough cleaning can remove many potential health hazards from your home including allergens and germs. That’s especially important during cold and flu season or if you’re living with chronic conditions that could be seriously aggravated by other issues. You and your family are likely to experience fewer sick days, and you may even find that you feel more energized.

Work out more consistently.

Yes, you can get exercise by cleaning your home. However, when you let us do it for you, you’ll have more time and energy for activities you probably like better than vacuuming the stairs. With regularly scheduled maid service, you won’t have to cancel your spin class because you have to catch up on dusting and mopping.

Maid service is good for your health as well as your home. Get serious about self care by contacting us at The Clean Haven today. We provide professional cleaning services for homes and businesses in the Plano, TX area.