Garage Junk!

Does your home have a garage?  Are you able to park your car in your garage or is it full of garage junk??

Many homeowners are unable to use their garages because it is an easy place to store unwanted junk.  Junk builds on junk, and suddenly, your entire garage is filled, and you have to park your car outside.

Spring is here, and that’s the perfect time to clean out that garage junk!  Follow these steps so that you can use your garage again!

The first and most difficult step is to decide what you don’t need anymore.  Ask yourself: “have I used this in the last year?”  If the answer is no, it is probably safe to get rid of it.  You can throw these things away, but another option is to donate to a local charity or to have a yard sale.

The next step is to clean.  Use a large broom to sweep out dead leaves and dirt.

After you clean your garage, it’s a good idea to put into place some storage solutions so that it won’t get out of control again.  One solution is to buy some pegboards and cabinets to hang up tools.  When large tools are hung up, they don’t take up valuable floor space.

Remember, a garage doesn’t do you any good if you can’t use it.  Add the garage to your list of rooms to clean and make it functional again!

Garage Junk!

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