Fight Mold with Professional Cleaning Services

Just the thought of having mold in your house can scare you. It can harm your health and your property. Even the names sound sinister with terms like aspergillus and stachybotrys atra.

Fight Mold with Professional Cleaning Services

Keep in mind that mold issues don’t make you a bad person. Fungi are everywhere, and they’ll grow in your house if they get enough moisture and nutrients. Unfortunately, they’re not picky eaters. They’ll consume wood, paper, organic fibers, and many other materials typical of any household.

In fact, up to 50% of homes worldwide are affected by indoor moisture, according to estimates by the World Health Organization, so you could be at risk.

The best way to fight mold is to prevent it with a professional cleaning service. While you may focus on cleaning the most visible areas, mold looks for dark damp corners and crevices. Mold can accumulate around kitchen and bathroom sinks, but there are many other trouble spots too.


Mold often grows under the sink where you may not wipe up very often, as well as in areas prone to food residue like your microwave and stove top. You also need to inspect the seals and drip pans on all appliances, including your refrigerator.


Your tub, shower, sink, and toilet aren’t the only places that need regular cleaning. When is the last time you washed your soap dish, toothbrush caddy, and shower curtain?

Living room and bedrooms:

Even rooms without running water and food storage can get mold. Fungi are attracted to carpets, curtains, and upholstery. Spores can even grow in plants that get over watered.

Windows and windowsills:

Can you see condensation on your windows? It could be a warning sign for mold, especially if your house has high humidity.

Fight mold by cleaning up sources of excess water promptly and staying on top of any growth with consistent and thorough house cleaning and maintenance. If you’re in the Plano Texas area, contact us at The Clean Haven. We’ll help keep your home beautiful and free of mold and other health hazards.