Make Holiday Entertaining Easier & Schedule a Weekly Cleaning

Make Holiday Entertaining Easier & Schedule a Weekly CleaningHave you ever missed out on hosting a friend because you were too embarrassed to let them into your home? There was that impromptu opportunity to have your out-of-town relatives over for dinner, but you suggested the less cozy restaurant option because your house was a total wreck. We have all had those moments where we’re just too busy to keep up with our housework and, therefore, can’t expose anyone to its filthy condition without a proper heads up.

If you schedule a weekly cleaning of your home with The Clean Haven, then you’ll never have to hide your home again! Our general cleaning package addresses the cleaning of the basic areas of your home that show wear and tear for daily use. Vacuuming your stairs and polishing your bathroom sink are probably not tasks that you get around to very frequently, but you want these elements of your home to clean and presentable. You want to enjoy your home and have it always ready for others to enjoy, as well.

A general clean can be both scheduled and paid for online by utilizing our website. We know that our clients live busy lives, and the convenience of hiring a cleaning company by just pressing a few buttons is a short and sweet route to handling your business with ease. Give us a call today and we will offer you a free cleaning estimate to get this process started!