Deep Clean Your Home Before the Holidays Arrive 

Deep Clean Your Home Before the Holidays Arrive As is the norm for this time of year, the days are flying by and the holidays are just around the corner. As you’re discussing your various holiday plans with friends and family, it is now “weeks” instead of “months” until that particular meal at grandma’s house or that early morning flight pick up. For some, the nearing of these holiday events brings abundant excitement and joy as you count down the days until you celebrate with family and friends. For others, the countdown is not quite so exciting because your holiday to-do list is far from complete. 

If you are hosting any family meals or company parties this holiday season, then you have plenty of reason to consider a thorough, deep cleaning of your home as you prepare it for your many guests. It is easy to get caught up in your typical weekly chores while neglecting the places that are slower to accumulate dirt and grime. You clean up the messes that are most obvious and maintain a fairly tidy space, but now you need to take your cleaning to a whole new level.  

When you direct someone toward your guest bathroom, you don’t want to become a nervous wreck as you worry about what all you forgot to clean in that room. As family is pillaging through your cabinets or closets trying to find something, you don’t want to be embarrassed of what lies beneath. The key to a worry-free holiday hosting experience is a deeply cleaned home! 

The Clean Haven knows just how to take things up a notch when it comes to cleaning your home. For example, we know that it’s not enough to do a quick wipe down of the outside of the microwave door and call it quits. We open it up and clean the inside, as well. When it comes to dusting, our deep cleaning package goes beyond simply dusting the mantle or coffee table but includes the ceiling fans and blinds, too. Our goal is create an atmosphere for our clients that is welcoming and relaxing, yielding a home that has been cleaned and disinfected in all of the hard to reach places. 

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