Enjoy Your Move by Avoiding the Dirty Work

For those who have made multiple moves in their lives, you know that packing and unpacking boxes is one of the easy parts. True, there is a lot of hassle in coordinating the details of a move and dealing with the safe transport of all of your belongings, but the biggest headache of all usually revolves around the cleaning. You want to leave your home or apartment in tip top shape for the next renter or owner, and you want to make sure that the new home that you are moving into is in pristine condition.

Enjoy Your Move by Avoiding the Dirty WorkOnce you have exhausted yourself with the process of packing boxes and hauling the heavy loads, the last thing you want to deal with is the tedious cleaning details required of you. That is where The Clean Haven comes into play! We jump in alongside our clients, all across the DFW area, and help to make their moving experience easier.

By going behind you and cleaning up the dirt and grime left behind, we are able to help you hang on to your rental deposit and reputation for being a solid tenant. And, on the flip side, by going before you and tackling the potential filth and cobwebs that would otherwise be awaiting you in your new home, we are saving you time and money. Taking off of work to handle your move or renovation project can become a burden when you run into glitches along the way, and hiring someone else to do the cleaning for you will allow you to make better use of your valuable time.

The goal of this particular cleaning service is to have your home looking as if no one has ever lived in it before. We stand by our hard work and know that the cleaning and disinfecting that we perform in your home is a crucial part of feeling better about the moving process. Contact us today for a free quote regarding the help that we can provide in taking the dirty work off of your hands!