Save Yourself From the Backbreaking Work of Scrubbing Floors

Save Yourself From the Backbreaking Work of Scrubbing FloorsDo you ever feel like you’re all alone out there in the world of dirty floors? Sure, most everyone owns a broom and a mop, but you know that there is literally no one else who lets their floor get as filthy as yours is on a regular basis. You’ve tried this cleaner and that cleaner. You’ve tried leaving the shoes at the door in order to reduce tracking. You’ve tried vigorously scrubbing. Regardless of your tactics, it seems like the job always gets away from you and that you’ll just have to settle with welcoming your guests into a hopelessly dirty home.

But, what if we told you that we could send out that rescue that you have been needing? What if someone else came in to take that ever present load off of your shoulders and save you from the backbreaking work of scrubbing your floors? By hiring The Clean Haven to maintain a regular upkeep on the floors throughout your home, you are allowing yourself to truly enjoy your home and to have freedom in having company over at the drop of a hat. Pretty nice solution, right?!

Our service packages have been developed to best assist our various customers across the McKinney and greater Dallas area. We work in homes of all sizes, from the small apartment to the expansive multi-family house. Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors are a service that is part of each general cleaning that we do. We also clean and vacuum the stairs for you, which is a very tedious job that many homeowners for far too long. What a relief it would be to know that these floors and steps would be taken care of on a regular basis without causing a sore back on your part!

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