House Cleaning: A Great Present For Your Relatives

Finding a present for your loved ones can be hard, especially when they have everything. It can be heartbreaking to know that whatever thing you carefully picked out for someone is now collecting dust on a mantle, amongst all the other clutter.

House Cleaning: A Great Present For Your Relatives

There is one present however, that you know will never collect dust. Give them a note saying that you will hire a maid service for a day for their house and then arrange a date with them to do exactly that. This is great for many people, such as:

1. New moms who are feeling overwhelmed by the mess babies create.

2. Older relatives who have lost some mobility and are fretting about the dust bunnies under the bed that they can’t reach.

3. The friend who is moving house and wants to start fresh.

4. A sibling or friend who is going through a difficult time and whose stress is starting to show in their housekeeping.

Cleaning the home can feel daunting with all the other things going on in our lives. Your loved one will appreciate having this one concern taken off his or her plate. And that isn’t the only advantage of this as a gift:

1. It’s not another thing someone will leave in a drawer or lose in the back of the closet.

2. You don’t ever wonder if the other person has used what you’ve given them. Their relaxed smile and lovely home will be proof to you that they have.

The Clean Haven provides house cleaning on a flexible schedule in and around Plano, TX. We can do daily, monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly scheduled cleanings, and we can do a deep cleaning and general cleaning. General cleaning includes cleaning inside the microwave, dusting all the furniture, and disinfecting the backsplashes. Deep cleaning adds vacuuming the closets and stairs. If you know someone who could use these services, contact us.