Improve Your Air Quality With Cleaning Services

The air we breathe in our home is important to our health. This is why many people want professional maid services for their homes. Maid service can improve the air quality of your home in three ways.

Improve Your Air Quality With Cleaning Services

Removes Dust

Dust encompasses everything from bits of pollen to tiny specks of dirt. These little particles slip into your house through open windows, hitch rides on your pets, and catch onto your clothes. They can then sneak into your ventilation system. You wind up breathing in the dust throughout your home. Even if this doesn’t trigger allergies, it makes it harder to breathe and keep things working. A professional cleaning service that removes dust on a regular basis will keep it out of your HVAC system, which will keep the particulate matter from circulating through your house.

Removes Mold Spores

Mold has many downsides. Some people are very allergic to it, and some types can sicken people. Mold weakens wood and ruins fabric. It comes in microscopic balls that can float in on the air, and then it sits waiting for warm, moist conditions to let it grow. A professional cleaning crew can remove these spores from the carpet with equipment and techniques that will give the spores nowhere to hide. It can’t get into the air once cleaners suck it up.

Improves Smell

The way that your house smells can affect your mood and general comfort level. It will certainly make an impression on your guests, who will get a good whiff of your home before their noses become accustomed to it. A home whose air has a lot of particulate matter from cooking, dusty ventilation shafts, dirty pets, and hidden moldy spaces will smell bad. It’s uncomfortable to live in or visit such a home. A professional cleaning crew can remove these offending smells, leaving everyone so much more comfortable.

If the air inside your house could stand some improvement, contact us. The Clean Haven has a professional staff that will work with you to clean on your schedule.