The Importance of Rental Move Out Cleaning

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time. It can be easy to forget about obligations on your former rental. Never make the mistake of leaving a property in disarray over your desire. It could cost you more than your deposit. The importance of rental move out cleaning.

The Importance of Rental Move Out Cleaning

Considerations for Rental Move Out

When moving out of a rental property, always make sure that it has been cleaned well. Not only is this a normal requirement with most rental agreements but also speaks highly of your character. Your landlord will have a just reason for recommending you to future property owners. You may even find that you preferred this area and home and decide to move back.

Rental Move Out To Do List

A quick rundown of the duties that should be completed in a move out cleaning include:

Shampoo carpets

Mop tile or linoleum floors

Wipe down shelves in closets and cabinets

Remove grime and dirt from cabinet fronts and doors

Clean windows, inside and out

Remove stains in sinks, toilets and tubs/showers

Clean inside oven

Clean inside refrigerator

Vacuum ceiling corners and air vents

A lot of people believe that cleaning an empty house or apartment is easy because the furniture is gone. This is incorrect when you look at the above list of duties that need to be performed. Always give yourself twice the amount of time compared to a general house cleaning when tackling a move out cleaning. Additional supplies and equipment may also be needed, such as grease remover solvent, commercial rust or soap scum cleaner, and rental of floor machine and soap.

With moving day getting closer and closer, consider hiring a cleaning service to perform a professional rental move out cleaning job. They are skilled to spot areas of importance and have the right tools to get the job done.