Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Dogs

One of the biggest issues pet owners face is animal hair – everywhere! Try keeping an old towel or sheet wherever your puppy likes to rest, and periodically shake it outside to remove most of the hair before tossing it in the washing machine. Grooming your pup regularly will help with the hair problem.

2. Pet Hair on Floors

To remove dog hair on carpeting, vacuum several times a week using full suction. Pick a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. On wood and other hard floors, use an electrostatic mop which won’t blow the hair around.

3. Pet Hair on Clothing and Upholstery

For clothing, your best bet is to use a tape roller or lint roller. For furniture, use the vacuum’s upholstery tool or a hand vacuum with a motorized beater-bar attachment. Lint brushes designed for clothing and dry sponges (sold at pet-supply stores) also work well.

The sooner you can get to a pet stain, the better. Canine urine left on carpets can permanently alter the dye. Getting to the stain quickly with a carpet cleaner is your best bet.

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