Tips for Streak-Free Windows and Mirrors

Streak-Free Windows and Mirrors

Ever wonder what is causing all the streaks on your windows and mirrors immediately after you’ve cleaned them?  Some will be shocked to hear that the culprit behind those streakTips for Streak-Free Windows and Mirrorss is often because you used too much cleaning solution so unfortunately cleaning them again probably will not help.  Here are some tips for streak-free windows and mirrors!

1. Try a new cleaning solution.  

It is easy to make an effective cleaning solution at home.   Try mixing one to two teaspoons of dish detergent in a large bucket of warm water. You can also add four tablespoons of lemon to help cut through the dirt and deodorize. If your windows or mirrors are suffering from excessive grime, add a half-cup ammonia or white vinegar.

2. Toss the paper towels.

Paper towels will leave you with many streaks and lots of trash! Instead, try a squeegee and a good scrubber. After scrubbing the entire window or mirror, use the squeegee to wipe off the suds and clean with a microfiber cloth after each swipe.

Still not excited about cleaning those mirrors?? Give The Clean Haven a call and we’ll do it for you!