Tips to Declutter Your Bedroom

Tips to Declutter Your BedroomHas your bedroom become the place where you drop things as soon as you walk into the house?  Getting rid of the clutter in your bedroom will instantly brighten up the room.  Here are some tips to declutter your bedroom and giving it a fresh feel.

1. Take some time to organize your drawers

Just because the drawers are closed does not mean they couldn’t use a little organizing.  When you open the drawers you want to be able to find what you are looking for.  Arrange similar items together so that they are easy to find and you aren’t throwing everything around while you are looking.  Small containers or bins can help keep items in the right spot.

2.  Keep your surfaces clear

Keep your dresser and other surfaces free of clutter.  Too much clutter will make your room feel less calming.  Find a spot for your clutter so that it stays off of your dresser and counters.

3. Bins

Use storage bins to store things that you don’t use all the time.  Plastic storage bins are perfect for storing items under your bed or in your closet….and out of sight!

4.  Start throwing things away

My thought is that once I throw something away I tend to forget I ever had it.  Go through your room and just start tossing.  Chances are a lot of the stuff that clutters your room can be donated or thrown away.

Keeping your bedroom free from clutter will give you a more peaceful feeling when you climb into bed at the end of a long day.  And make sure you call The Clean Haven to give your whole house a clean, fresh feel.