Breathe In a Fresh Clean without the Harmful Chemicals

Breathe In a Fresh Clean without the Harmful ChemicalsOftentimes, the sight of a freshly cleaned home is met with a smell to match, the smell of a space that has just been given a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, that smell is often synonymous with harsh and abrasive chemicals. Chemicals that get the job done in cleaning the various surfaces of your home, but which harm your health in the process.

The Clean Haven takes pride in protecting the health of both our clients and our staff members while still maintaining a high standard of cleaning. The removal of toxic chemicals and the addition of natural, eco-friendly cleaning products is of great important to our company. We currently use approximately 80% all natural products as we determine which route to take in efforts to achieve a full naturally organic cleaning approach. By creating our own recipes and trying out various methods and approaches to cleaning floors, toilets, sinks, etc., we are seeking to improve the air quality and overall health of your family and pets.

For those who utilize our general cleaning service, we are in your homes on a frequent basis. We want to leave your home in a more welcoming manner than it was in when we arrived, and part of that process is providing an efficient and fresh clean. Our natural products will still leave your home smelling great, but we will not have sacrificed anyone’s health to achieve that amazingly fresh smell. If you are interested in having your home or business cleaned on a regular basis, then call us today at 469.224.7793 to receive more information along with a free quote. We would love to join with you in the quest for better health and a more tranquil home!