Maid Service For Pets

Dogs and cats are not known for keeping human standards of cleanliness. They have their own ideas about what is clean enough. However, our ideas of cleanliness is very helpful to them. The regular use of maid services are one way to ensure they get the benefits of this cleanliness in three ways.

Maid Service For Pets

Remove Tempting Odors

Dogs and cats communicate by smell, which leads them to get mixed messages from we who don’t. Lingering odors can waft around your house just from old pet-speak. There is also the risk of the wrong smell festering in a corner that encourages pets to use it as a communication post. A maid service can reset the communication board so that only the right message gets sent.

Pets Have Allergies Too

Mold, dander, and pollen can make a sensitive pet’s immune system go haywire just as much as it can for sensitive humans. This can lead to skin problems and breathing problems for your pets, and neither of you will be happy about the vet visits that will cause. A maid service that comes in regularly will remove the allergens so that they don’t trigger a reaction in your pet.

Tame The Dust Puppies

Mammals shed. They shed a lot. The more hair they have, the more hair they shed which can roll together into ever-bigger dust bunnies until your entire carpet is nothing but cat hair. Hair is hard to remove, but maid services know tricks to rein in the fur coating in your house.

The Clean Haven loves and understands pets as much as you do, and their maid services can be scheduled regularly to help your pets just as much as they help you. If you are in the Plano, Texas area and your home could use a regular professional cleaning, contact us.