Move Out Cleaning – Before Or After the Boxes are Gone?

One-time move out cleaning is a smart investment, and a great way to get back the security deposit. The whirlwind of moving, however, may have renters wondering if the cleaning company should come before or after the move. The answer depends on the movers themselves, on schedules, and on the lease.

Move Out Cleaning - Before Or After the Boxes are Gone?

Coming Before the Move is Complete

When a cleaner comes before the move is complete, or while the move is occurring, it is important to make sure nothing is accidentally overlooked. It is important to talk to the cleaner to discuss options, such as only cleaning appliances and bathrooms, or only cleaning rooms that have been fully packed. Any leftover debris from the move, such as footprints, will be the responsibility of the tenant. However, having a professional wipe down the sink, fridge, and toilets will help speed up the moving process and reduce the stress of the move.

Coming After the Move is Complete

Asking a cleaner to come after everything is out of the apartment is ideal, if time allows. Some moves are on a deadline, and there isn’t time for someone to come in before the lease is up and the keys are handed to the landlord. However, asking a cleaner to come in after the move is over provides a more thorough clean, eliminates debris from the move, and provides a pristine apartment to give back to the landlord.

The best option for a shiny, like-new apartment is to ask a professional to come in after the boxes are gone. Reserve a day for the cleaning alone. If this simply isn’t possible, ask a cleaner to clean up kitchen and bath areas, then use a dust mop for the floors after the move. Having one final professional clean is a good idea, whether it is before or after the final move. Contact us today to schedule your move-out cleaning.