How an Orderly Kitchen Creates More Free Time

How an Orderly Kitchen Creates More Free TimeAs tired and impatient managers of our ever busy household, we know what a rarity it is to have any down time with our family. The bulk of any free time at home is spent catching up on chores and getting work done for whatever tomorrow requires of us. We rush through our days and often miss out on time spent in quiet reflection or meaningful conversation because there is always something to do, and much of that necessary housework is spent in and around the kitchen.

This is the space in our homes that stays busy all throughout the day, from cooking to cleaning to restocking to just hanging out. If the kids want to say something to mom, that’s likely where they will find her. If a couple wants to have a few minutes to review their day or discuss anything important, it will likely take place in the kitchen as they are rushing to grab breakfast before work or throwing dinner together late into the evening.

And, therefore, because this room in our homes is so popular and busy, it is difficult to keep it clean and organized because someone is always in there dirtying up the dishes or rummaging through the cabinets. Is there a secret to keeping it tidy? Is there a way to take your precious free time away from slaving away in the kitchen yet keeping it orderly at the same time?

The secret lies with upkeep and consistency. From wiping down the sticky stove surface to emptying out the dishwasher, you have to develop a daily rhythm in the kitchen and then habitually stick to it. When you are standing there waiting for your pot of water to boil, you can be loading or unloading the dishwasher. When you reach into the refrigerator to put away the new groceries, you can move the items around a bit so that the freshest foods will be eaten first before they go bad. You can start by making a list of the tasks that need to be done on a daily basis to keep your kitchen to your preferred level of clean. Then, you can jot down the things that need to be done on a regular basis but not necessarily every day, such as straightening up the pantry or removing all of the miscellaneous clutter from the kitchen counters or dining table.

The kitchen is just too popular of a space to avoid the mess that a busy family brings, and it will inevitably collect an assortment of odds and ends and see its fair share of spills. But, if you work to keep your kitchen organized and easier to clean, then you will find yourself with more time on your hands to spend as you please. And, if the task of kitchen cleaning becomes too burdensome for you to handle, then you can also consider entrusting this task into the hands of a cleaning professional!