Five Benefits to Making Your Bed Every Morning

Everyone has at least one good reason not to make your bed in the morning: “It doesn’t matter,” or, “No one’s even going to see it,” or, “My time is better spent elsewhere!” But with a task that is so quick and essentially impossible to mess up, the good reasons to make your bed certainly outweigh any excuses not to. Here are five benefits that you can achieve from making your bed every morning.

Five Benefits to Making Your Bed Every Morning

1. Start Your Day with Success

No matter how disastrous the rest of your day may become, it is not a complete failure if you have successfully made your bed. Perhaps your first task of the day is the only thing you accomplish, but it may give you the mood boost to pursue other accomplishments, even small ones.

2. Improve your Productivity

Small habits build big success. Though you’re unlikely to land your dream job or get your first big break by the sole virtue of making your bed, it can be the jumping-off point of a morning routine that contributes to your best self. Plus, once you’ve made your bed, you’re substantially less likely to collapse back onto it, cuddle up, and end up down a social media rabbit hole. Channel your first success of the day into your other, bigger accomplishments.

3. Create Order

Struggling to keep a living space tidy is common, but a made bed can be an anchor of order in a sea of clutter. It can even serve as the impetus required to spur you into action to clean the rest of your space. Making your bed look neat first thing every morning rather than waiting until the mess reaches a crisis point can promote more continued order in your living and sleeping space.

4. Improve your Mood

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so it’s no surprise that a tidy bedroom can improve your mood. Making your bed serves as an external indicator of your care for yourself. Clutter and mess, even when not explicitly noticed, contribute to anxiety and distraction, so do your mood a favor and make your bed.

5. Feel Fresh

Coming home to a made bed at the end of the day feels good, it’s as simple as that. Your bed can be a clean respite after you’ve dropped your bag and kicked off your shoes, so don’t ruin the moment with crumpled sheets and a disordered bedspread. Your sheets don’t have to be hospital-cornered and military neat to provide a sense of enticing comfort, so just commit that extra minute every morning to smooth your sheets and plump your pillows.

It isn’t difficult to make your bed, but it sometimes takes a lot of work to get the rest of your home in order. Contact us at The Clean Haven if you live in the Plano, Texas area and find that you may need a few extra hands to help keep your home neat.